Charles Schulz, the creator of the comic Peanuts, once said that happiness is a warm puppy. All dogs, energetic and lazy alike, big and small alike, hold unique places in their parents’ hearts. Having a pet is like having a child to care for who, in turn, cares for you and your mental health. It would be safe to say that pet parents break out their pet stories every few minutes into the conversation, and they generally make everyone laugh or give out ‘aww’s. Here are a few pet stories from our staff if you’re looking for a way to take the edge off your day.

Mirror Image Problems

Diya’s full-sized mirror reflects the edge of her bed from the angle it is placed. She entered her room after a tiring day of work to find Calvin, her larger than life labrador, standing on her bed and barking at something. She assumed that his attention was focused on the birds that frequented the windowpane beside her bed. So she didn’t pay much heed to it aside from politely asking him to be quiet. When she finally went to scratch his head to get him to calm down, she got a look at what he was barking at.

It wasn't pigeons he was barking at. Instead, he was standing on the bed, looking at the mirror and barking at his reflection. Diya quickly pulled out her phone to record a video, then put him in her lap so he could finally quieten down and relax.

Caffeinated Canine

Here’s one of the pet stories that will take your appetite for a coffee away. The other day, Aanchal had gone to make herself a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, her chair was slightly adrift from her work-from-home table, where she had set her coffee down. Then, she stepped into the bathroom to wash her face, and by the time she came back, her coffee mug was half empty, and there were brown splatters all over her table.

Before she could even take a sip, her pug Mia had climbed onto her table via her chair and finished her coffee! Not only was she surprised and shocked, but she didn’t feel like having coffee anymore. Mia was, of course, caffeinated and energetic for the rest of the day.

I Can Never Have the Sofa to Myself

Rehaan often complains that he can never sit on the sofas at home because of his two dogs. One’s a Shih Tzu named Jim, and the other is a golden retriever named Morrison (his father is a big fan of the band, The Doors, thus the names). They’re both always either sitting on the sofas or coming and shoving themselves behind you while you’re sitting on the couch. Why, it’s not only Rehaan complaining of these pet stories of hogging the sofas, but also the rest of his family of parents and brother.

Slipper Double Trouble

Amrita’s grandma was in town for a few days, and she had brought two pairs of slippers in which to go out. Her trip ended with a visit to the nearest shoe store because Choco, a light-hearted, fun-loving labrador, had had her fun with those slippers. Indecisive as she was, Choco decidedly tried both slippers, one at a time. Maybe she thought sampling both slippers would help her select the best one. And so, the left side of a red slipper and the right side of a white slipper remained with Amrita’s grandmother. Choco had very conveniently left one side of each.

Blouse Damage

Ishaan was tickling and playing with his dachshund Dino in his bedroom. The next thing he knew, Dino had become tired and decided to stop playing and calm down. So, of course, Ishaan thought that he could take a breather, too. But the next thing he knew was that Dino had gone and settled himself on the bottom-most shelf of his cupboard. He could see Dino digging around and only assumed that he was trying to make himself comfortable to take a nap.

Upon suddenly remembering that it was his sister’s saree blouses kept on that last shelf, he yelled, “Dino, out!” Following this, Dino sheepishly ran away. Ishaan checked the damage, and what he felt was… well, wet. Dino had quite nicely done his business in there and runoff. To save this from becoming one of those icky pet stories, Ishaan also mentioned that the blouses were covered in plastic packets, so the damage wasn’t as horrific. Phew!

Spoiler Alert!

On a lazy Sunday, Ankit was lying in bed and watching an episode of Modern Family. His puppy, Peanut, was sitting beside him, happily having his belly rubbed. Peanut suddenly got up to stretch his body, first the front, then the back. Finally, he resettled himself, his tail now resting on the keyboard of Ankit’s laptop. This is normal with puppies - restless and consistently changing positions to resettle themselves. That’s all very well until they step on the wrong object.

Before Ankit could do anything about it, Peanut had gotten up to stretch again. He happened to step on the right arrow key of the laptop inadvertently. The episode fast-forwarded to the end, and there went all the suspense one holds while watching an episode of any show. Ankit had a good laugh at Peanut, giving him an accidental spoiler to his favourite TV show. Of course, this little incident went into his collection of pet stories as one of the funniest ones.

The Time Charlie Got Lost

The dog park at Mridul’s apartment complex is surrounded by steel fences painted white. It’s quite a big park; one would say it’s big enough for 2-3 dogs to run around without bumping into one another. Mridul’s apartment block D was a half a kilometre walk from the park. He let his spitz, Charlie, loose in the park to run around for a bit. Another dog was with its owner, on the way to the dog park, such that Charlie could see them through the fences.

Mridul was watching Charlie run around, and he ran behind him with widened eyes, screaming, “Charlie, come back!” when he escaped through the narrow fences. The flexible thing that he was, he managed to squeeze himself out of there and runoff. Mridul felt entire emotions ranging from surprised to shocked to terrified that Charlie would bite someone. He ran out of there looking for his dog, who, alas, was nowhere to be found.

He asked everyone around on their evening walks, nannies with the playing children, and so on. Finally, upon reaching block D, Mridul happened to ask the guard at the lobby. This guard delightfully informed him that Charlie had arrived safely at the lobby and had entered the lift. The guard pressed the ‘9’ button, and it seemed that he had reached home safely. Mridul went up to the 9th floor, and there Charlie was, waiting outside the front door, waiting to be let into his home.

Where's the Birthday Cake?

It was Nikita’s birthday, and the festivities were on. She had a couple of friends over, her grandparents, parents, the whole jingbang. There was a low coffee table in the drawing-room where they had kept a 1.5-kilo chocolate truffle cake. After blowing out the candles and cutting the cake, everyone became encumbered with the array of snacks laid at the dining table.

Nikita’s mother came over to the coffee table to cut some cake for everybody, but it seemed to have disappeared. There was no cake on the table, just the silver-wrapped cardboard on which cakes come and the knife used to cut it. Of course, her german shepherd pup, Shiro, had specks of chocolate brown around his mouth. He had eaten the entire cake and looked as though he felt not an inch of remorse.

Chewing My Own Tail

Simba is a five-year-old indie that Khushi picked up from the street. He just happened to jump into their car when someone opened the door to step out. From thereon, Simba became the house pet of a very loving home. The only disadvantage to such a loving home is the separation anxiety that comes with pet parents being gone for a little while.

In some dogs, separation anxiety manifests as bouts of sadness or the destruction of things around them. When Khushi goes for business trips or holidays, Simba chews off his tail. When Khushi’s around and hasn’t left town for a while, Simba has a fluffy tail. Two days without her, his tail looks like someone has taken a razor and shaved it off - only, he does it to himself. Imagine a dog-loving you this much.

Wrapping Up

Pets hold special places in the hearts of pet parents and pet lovers. There is not one day that goes by where new stories aren’t created. With a pet, there is always someone to hang out with or to talk to, even if they don’t really talk back to you. A pet is the best listener and man’s best companion. We hope you enjoyed the nine pet stories enlisted above!