Lets talk about Breeding

Pet owners curiously ask vets about the breeding pattern in she-dogs. The onset of puberty vary among different breeds. For small breeds it’s 6-8 months and for large breeds 10-12 months. The sign of heat are observed accordingly. At tender age, she-dog is physically unprepared to undergo the ordeals of mothering and so should never be allowed to reproduce until her second or third heat.

Age at weaning 4-6 weeks
Age for Breeding 18-24 months
Breeding season  Once in 6 months
Average duration of breeding season 2-3 weeks
Best time for service to achieve conception 2 weeks after onset of period or as advised by the vet.
Gestation Period 62+-2 days
Recurrence of breeding season after non-conception 6 months later
Recurrence of breeding season after whelping 18-22 weeks later