The Secret Life of Pawster Kitty

Lets take you through a day in the life of a cat. After a whole night of biting your toes, tumbling from a height and falling on your face while you sleep, Cats finally wake up after a mere 4-5 hours of their midnight-early morning nap. After this comes a long grooming sesh and a little food-water-litter followed by a post grooming beauty sleep. *Fun fact : the average cat spends a third of its time when awake, GROOMING!*  Then comes scratching, cheek rubbing and walking around their most priced kingdom, their marked territory. This is often paired with staring outside the window while completely ignoring you and/or chasing butterflies, birds, lizards etc (you know the drill). After a few more naps during the day and few of the other activities repeated, your cats will find you desperately holding up your quilt trying to make them sleep with you, but all in vain. The cycle begins again.