Why training your pet dog or cat is important.

Just like children, animals develop their personality and innate behaviour during the early stages of their lives. Thus, it is very important to train them when they are still young. This does not mean a professional is to be hired compulsorily and commands have to be followed. It is important to get pets used to behaving calmly while around children and must be trained to be friendly with them. Actions of both pets and children are unpredictable, so things can get dangerous if your pets are not trained. The ideal age to train your pet dog is 4-16 weeks. This is the phase of maximum physical and emotional development and training in this stage of their life can be fast and comfortable for both you and your pup. Remember, The earlier you train, The faster they adapt. Because there are hardly any apartment dogs, it gets extremely important for dogs to be used to interacting with children, adults, elderly people and other animals. For cats, the ideal age is earlier than that of dogs, i.e. 4-8 weeks. Cats are usually timid and sometimes anxious and thus retain the behaviour imbibed in them in the early stages of their lives. Habits like being comfortable around adults they are unfamiliar with, getting their body brushed and groomed, travelling in carriages should be inculcated in them since childhood to make both your lives easy.