About Us

We know how much you love your pets. We love them too.

Here’s why PawshBox is your new buddy -

We are a simple subscription service offering all the pet supplies like food, treats, grooming products, toys and accessories. All you have to do is tell us what is needed and when it is needed. And then relax as we have got you covered! We don’t stop there. You can also buy products one time, without subscribing!

Three steps and you are set to explore the fun ride ahead! All we need is your name and a few details of your pet(s).

Because we know how much you love your pets and we love them too.Do not worry any more. Join the PawshBox joyride for stress free pet keeping!

Pawshbox's mission

The mission is to make life easy and fun for both you and your pet. Go ahead and have fun as we take care of your responsibilities.

Buy your products at the most pocket-friendly prices and best quality.

Exciting offers and amazing rewards on your purchases will make shopping a fun experience. The best part of becoming a part of our family is that you no longer need to be worried about supplies ending or running to the store anymore!

We present with this cool solution, just subscribe and enjoy the service!

Remember we promised to get all your needs covered? Not just pet supplies, we also provide to you service providers that are most suited for your pets, all with great discounts! Join the PawshBox joyride and subscribe today!